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    Voting will take place inside the NEVERDIE Wallet

    06-18-2017, 02:36 AM
  • NEVERDIE Wallet - early Alpha is Live

    NEVERDIE Wallet Early Alpha

    Today We are launching the early alpha of the NEVERDIE Wallet which facilitates the buying, trading and sending of our custom Coins and Tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.
    We are very excited about the potential of utilizing the Ethereum Blockchain to open up real cash trading in Virtual Goods and Skills to a much wider audience and we are developing systems to enable our coins to be a driving force behind the next generation of games.
    05-28-2017, 03:28 AM
  • AmeVRica Crowdfunding underway

    The first Teleport Tokens have been purchased and work on building The Great Teleporter "The First Wonder of Virtual Reality" will get underway immediately on ROCKtropia. This means more Paid Jobs for You!

    Exciting Times ahead! - We will get the Election underway as soon as Possible so the ROCK Gov can help with the organizing the work force.

    The actual Monetized Teleportation system will not be implemented into Entropia Universe at the request of...
    05-07-2017, 11:33 PM
  • ROCKtropia Billion Jobs VU - April 4th VU Notes

    ROCKtropia - BILLION JOBS Version Update
    April 4th 2017

    Office of the President of Virtual Reality

    Citizens of ROCKtropia are encouraged to work to save humanity by defending the economy from AI Bots. The President of Virtual Reality has set up a conscription program which will provide upward of 1 Billion Jobs paying a wage of $10 per month to bot hunters. Report to the Parking Lot at Club NEVERDIE...
    04-04-2017, 08:30 AM
  • Register to Vote!


    Add your full Avatar Name to the Registry Thread in order to Register as a Citizen of ROCKtropia and participate in the democracy.
    Voting will require a token as a proof of citizenship. You will need to exchange 100 ROCKbucks for a Token.
    03-24-2017, 03:33 AM
  • MMOWC League 2016 - 2017 controversy

    In light of the current controversy over the additional Prize awarded to Lunchbox who would have completed 18 Rounds and potentially finished in the Top 6 had he not been Stabbed in the chest and hospitalized. I realize that this is not the right type of official Planet event that should reward very rare and desirable game items as prizes...

    MMOWC League is an e-sports type of event where one would hope a little Sportsmanship will go a long
    02-10-2017, 12:43 AM

  • So Long, and Thanks for all The Crabs

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    So Long, and Thanks for all the Crabs

    It has been a wild ride this past 7 years. It took a little longer than expected to create a Virtual world that could be an authentic capital of Pop Culture in Virtual Reality. The key ingredient lacking at the start was a History of its’ own. I never felt that a fictional back story was the right direction for ROCKtropia, I always felt that it could have a real story, which it does now. Almost 7 Years of all of our successes and Failures, our adventures, our friends come and gone and the evolving landscape. I Love this Planet, I love it especially because when I log in you are there and you have as many creative impulses as I do and I’m grateful that you share your ideas and criticism with me, I’m always inspired by you and I always find myself thinking of what else can be added to enrich the world and what else we can do to make it even more fucked up. We survived an Apocalypse that destroyed half the planet and we came back stronger, we have built an economy together that is unique in the Universe and has a distinct flavor and in which new opportunities emerge all the time. There is no Limit to how much this economy can grow now that the base is in. And as we all know there is so much still lacking from a balance perspective with the rest of the Universe that once ROCKtropia is on a level playing field it will become a powerhouse. 2016 Was Rocktropias’ biggest year economically since launch and January 2017 was the biggest month ever, where our concurrent user base doubled from this time last year, more importantly the Vibe has been overwhelmingly positive.

    Which is why, this is such a great time for me to hand over the management of the Planet to you! Everyone who has been on ROCKtropia this month knows now what it it’s like to encounter green dots everywhere and so many of you have good ideas of how to keep it growing. The Reason I wanted to become President of Virtual Reality was so I could champion Avatar Rights, Virtual Reality Jobs and help empower the global community by providing the tools for self-government in VR which is essential in order to securely harness the huge economic potential of a global Virtual goods economy.

    I feel that now is the time I can put this into motion by supporting you in creating a government to manage the further development of the Planet ROCKTROPIA. Which will make ROCKtropia the first Player governed Virtual Reality Democracy. We have a Strong enough economy to create paying Jobs for those who wish to actively participate in this government and we also have a tested formula for a conscription model to recruit new players and pay them an amount equal to a typical annual MMORPG Subscription fee to join us in fighting the War against rogue AI on ROCKtropia.

    I will not play a role in this government, I will take my leave and encourage you to Vote for a President of ROCKtropia you believe in and a cabinet of 10 representatives who will oversee various departments. Together this governing body will identify what events, what tools, what development is most needed to continue to grow the economy and strengthen the community.
    NEVERDIE Studios will continue to handle the production pipeline and upkeep of the world and act as a buffer between the Rocktropia government and Mindark so that you are at liberty to continue to enjoy your freedom as Avatars, but you will decide where to focus each VU and what tools, missions and content to submit to MA for approval each VU.

    NEVERDIE Studios will continue to service the Popshop Event and I will continue to host and build upon the MMOWC e-Sports events at Champions Park on Secret Island, I also plan to do some VR/AR Dev, and filmmaking, you may even see me playing the bad guy in a movie at the VR Hyperplex in New Harlem or catch me chillin’ at Club NEVERDIE, even though I will be incognito. I will do my part as the President of Virtual Reality to help set up the democratic infrastructure for Rocktropia, prepare for the elections and devise ways for the government to harness the Rocktropia economy to fund further development, job creation and open the door for Player designed content to be funded through Kickstarter or other crowdfunding sites.

    We will set up a ROCKTROPIA Government sub-forum at where we can lock down the 10 Cabinet Jobs and outline of duties, duration and re-election guidelines for the cabinet and President. Eligibility for ROCKtropia government jobs will require the avatar to be a Rocktropia Estate Deed holder or Dungeon Master. Deeds shall include, shops, stalls, apartments, land Areas, Land Plots or Billboards. Voting Eligibility will depend upon TBD active citizenship guidelines or previous completion of National Guard Duty or other Epic Missions. The Wage Structure for the Government jobs will start out at 5,000 Rockbucks per month for the President and 2,500 Rockbucks for each of the Cabinet members. New Conscripts will start at a reverse Subscription level of $10 USD per month paid in a combination of PED and Rockbucks. All Jobs are Part time and the pay should be viewed relative to the amount that people were previously willing to Pay to Play MMORPG’s as this a perfect starting level to build from and to demonstrate a true disruption of the pay to play business model.

    Once again. So Long and Thanks for all the Crabs
    • Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs
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