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  • Swampy's Conscript Log

    Hello Everyone! As we all saw today there is an huge challenge set forth by Neverdie to track a year long progression in conscript missions here on the forum and VIA live-stream and recordings.

    I am going to take this challenge and log in my gameplay with the conscript mission here!
    I set up a twitch this morning and with the help of folks in rockchat I trouble shooted my way to my very first morning stream! I will post here when I jump online and I will also notify rockchat!

    My twitch is:
    My Youtube is:

    I will be editing these channels heavily and making them prettier, so for now they are very basic.

    Here I am below, I also went to visit the NPCs but they are not turned on yet. As soon as they are I will start this mission and record and stream it all!

    its me a swampy!

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    Wohooo the mission is now active!

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      OK so first you need to pick up the gun and ammo.
      Once you get the gun and ammo you talk to this lady.

      She will get you the mission.
      Then you look for the drones in the vixen parking lot which will paint you the targets.

      the drones look like this below

      Right now the AI bots are not spawning but they should be soon
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        Good luck Swampy with your mission!


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          Nice work! Now I finally know you really saw a drone, lol


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            Originally posted by Karlek View Post
            Good luck Swampy with your mission!
            Thank You!

            Originally posted by Dix Handley View Post
            Nice work! Now I finally know you really saw a drone, lol
            Hah or its my photshop skills! the world will never know!