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Global Madness at CND Week 2

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  • Global Madness at CND Week 2

    DN=131 ...

    DN=132 ...

    DN=133 ...

    DN=134 ...

    DN=135 ...

    Hope this is the way you want me to post the links. PERFECT

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    Global Madness at CND Week 2

    G'Day all,

    Well what can I say. I went to Global Madness expecting to just blow some ped and have a great time trying to outdo all my fellow soc mates competing in the event. I never expected to get a single global, since my career tally in twelve months is only 4. So to get my first global early on, a 77 pedder (my highest so far) and actually be second on the leader board was awesome. I was Stoked!!!!

    Then I managed a second and a third global!!! The third global, I even died during loot lag, so I was very lucky to get the loot prior to being revived!! :yay: I was stunned to say the least. Even though I slowly dropped out of contention I still managed a respectable 8th.

    I managed to get more exposure from ND's commentary than the competition leaders did, ND even went as far as taking bets as to whether or not I would get a fourth global. Unfortunately I didn't manage the fourth, but as an upside ND had to part with 25 ped to one lucky punter who took him up on his bet. Sorry ND, but as you said "he needs it more than I do"!!!

    All in all an excellent night of fun.

    Cheers Day.


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      Gratz on your globals and finishing well Daytona!