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BigDaddy & Toast Saturday Morning hunt

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  • BigDaddy & Toast Saturday Morning hunt

    This event was a lot of fun, but not well attended, so a loss. This means my attempt to collect funds to aid the newcomer events fell flat, so I will have to take a bit more time to organize those I suspect.

    Despite all of that we did have fun, a bit more like a small party, so ty to my pals who were there and making it fun (big hugs to Nisse and Leeloo for the dancing at the tp). There was a bit of a heated competition for first place near the end which apparently was enjoyed very much

    Our winners:
    First Place: Psycho Al 250 ped
    Second Place: Klod 100 ped
    Third Place: Sodi 75 ped
    Bonus Random Prize: Linus Zip Lindstrom 50ped of items from Freyr's shop

    I would also really like to hear from the mysterous new avatar who teased me in event chat that we knew each other but I didn't know it was him in that avatar. Had me really so I look forward to an explanation please since you vanished.

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    BigDaddy & Toast Saturday Morning hunt

    BigDaddy said "let's hunt some Ambu's, I have a hunch". Even though no HOF's, we were able to get a couple of globals.