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Crafting at CND

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  • Crafting at CND

    Originally posted by MindStar9 View Post
    However, I will certainly take into consideration expanding the time posting rule to no longer than 48 hrs beginning with October's monthly draw.
    I guess it didn't pass the "consideration phase"

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    Crafting at CND

    Since im just a crafter these days im a bit curious as to how the crafting is up at CND? Anyone tried crafting seriously up here?
    Can u get all the resources u need at auction easy or do you have to wait to get what u need? Anyone actually tried doing some serious crafting? Would be interested to know

    Best wishes/Pirro


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      If you're going to craft components, weapons, attachments, armors etc there's almost everything at CND for a lower price than planet if you're patient to buy it in control room. Auction at CND is not very used for that I know.
      You'll don't find molisk to make clothes