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miners view: mob density

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  • miners view: mob density


    a really cool prize for sure @D

    Best wishes,

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    miners view: mob density

    Hi Neverdie,
    hi folks,

    I've a problem with the mob density in some domes and would be happy if the density could be reduced a bit in some domes.

    You know, I am a miner, I want to mine and not kill mobs while I am doing this.

    #1: You can mine along the borders, in the middle only if you kill like 20 ambulis.

    #2: Mining along borders, I can't kill a lot of that jumping shrooms, middle isn't minable for me.

    #3: If I run straight from N TP to S I've like 30 berys on my ass and I see like 1 frame / minute. It's very slow.

    #4: Isn't minable, too much trox. Drop 1 bomb, kill 5 trox, drop 1 bomb, kill 5 trox ...

    #5: Is fine.

    #6: is fine. (Some less caperons would be better though)

    #7: Too much exas for me, same problem as in #3, "slow motion mining".

    #8: is fine

    #9: Bit too much trax. (But its better now)

    #10: Is fine

    #11: Is fine (better now with lower longus)

    #12: too much merps (and I hate merps! +gggg+)

    #13: Bit too much berys, but not too bad

    #14: Bit too much cornus, but not too bad

    #15: Is ok, but like #4: 1 bomb - 5 trax killings - 1 bomb ...

    #16: Is fine

    #17: Is fine

    #18: Is fine

    #19: Is fine

    #20: Not too bad, maybe you can reduce the mob density a bit.

    I know it's not easy because there are many hunters too who like the big mob density. But maybe its possible to reduce it and increase the mob spawning frequence?
    Best wishes,


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      Im gonna have to do a comprehensive Study of the hunting and Mining at CND to properly address these issues...

      In the meantime Hunters and other miners, please share your comments...

      If there are domes wioth reduntant mob density I will try to reduce numbers


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        As a frequent miner in domes 1-20, I also think the mob density is an issue...

        While I can't hunt the mob in domes 16-20 there are some good hits in there...however most of the mob are in the same spot time after time...thus everyone else who mines probe and bomb the same spots, thus empting the dome quite rapidly...seems all the mob crowd in the center (in all the domes), so for better mining it'd be nice if there was a way to spread out the mob to make sure every inch of the dome can be mined, not just the edges.
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          I think the best approach would be to find out what gets hunted the most and reduce density in the domes which don't get hunted too often. For example, I don't believe too many people hunt in dome 3, so it would be safe to reduce density in there.