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The official church(es) of Lootius!

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  • The official church(es) of Lootius!

    Thnx Sherwood,

    All comments are much appreciated. Like i said, its still being changed atm so hopefully will get better and better. We got some stuff too upload soon, a couple of vids but i need to get them from a friend atm

    More to come

    PS thnx again

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    The official church(es) of Lootius!

    As some of you might already know, for quite some time now I have had a small church in my apartment on Treasure Island (Gold building - South East from the TP, apartment 7G). The church seats a maximum of 20 people, an is the perfect place to relax a little, focus on your thoughts, meditate, and make a little prayer to the great Lootius:

    This week, on popular request, I also blessed and decorated a portion of my apartment at Club NEVERDIE (Beta South, 5B) as a small shrine.

    Sporting a wicked viewinto deep space, the bold pilgrims that reside on Club NEVERDIE will find the exact same opportunities for prayer and meditation right at the resort.

    Because I also got requests for the flock to make it able to have some way of leaving a small donation to the good cause, we now have our lovely Shopkeeper Denise offering bottles of blessed Melchi Water:

    Feel free to drop by in either apartment.

    Lootius bless to you all!