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  • Rocktropia guide

    Rocktropia guide

    Hey all,

    So I spend so much time showing people where mission brokers are on Rocktropia I though I would just make a guide for it. Follow this guide and you will end up with all kill count missions.

    Have fun and good luck.

    Nearest TP: Evil Cathedral: 136243,95040

    7 graveyard stones right next to Evil Cathedral TP

    Hendrix Dragons
    Garcia dragons
    Joplin dragons
    Morrison dragons

    Vampire next to Evil Cathedral TP

    Nearest TP: Lemmys castle : 133972,86660
    Skull Statues next to TP
    Motorhead security
    Motorhead Royality

    Werewolf just down the path from lemmy castle TP - North west

    Nearest TP : Ring of fire hunting lodge : 134590,85839
    SGT Willard right next to TP
    POP dragons

    Nearest TP : Panta ridge : 136184, 82261
    SGT Cortiz South of Panta Ridge TP: 136226,82085

    Nearest TP: Daki Ridge : 137469,88681
    CPT franic North of Daki Ridge TP : 137439,88997

    Nearest TP : Memphis plains : 131935,83361
    Commander Hauxley near TP : 131966,83386

    Nearest TP : Panta Ridge : 136184, 82261
    SGT Hendi: 136380, 82661
    Neverdie dragons

    Nearest TP: : Hyperplex : 135279,86166
    Muscle beach : 135754 : 88073
    Theives from 5LB Dumbbells - you can skip this mission by clicking on any of the other weights and this mission will be disabled. Otherwise you have to finish this before unlocking the rest

    mobile phone mission to unlock zombie chain and various repetable missions:

    Hyperplex TP: 13529,86166
    noobs noobs noobs club SE if hyperplex TP

    Speak to big boy
    Speak to tipsy tony at end of line
    Speak to lying larry inside pawnshop next door to club
    Speak to big boy at club again
    Speak to Gus at petrol station across the road and get gold coin
    Go back to big boy
    Go back to gus and get glam ingot
    Give glam ingot to big boy and get next mission
    Go to try east down the road. Mission locator will show the way
    speak to boris the bum close to try. mission locator will show the way
    Go to dumpster. mission locator will show the way
    Go to boris and give smokes
    Go to big boy and give rocktropia record
    This gives you access to the club

    Speak to tiffany on dancefloor for cocktail
    Give cynthia the drink on dancefloor, she will give you a cellphone

    Zombie mission : nearest tp : City of dreams :
    LT Funk south of city of dreams : 136215,84726
    Go to cave entrance : 136063,84818
    Go to cave exit : 135723,84998
    Go to Main road: 135420,85058
    Follow the road north: 135128,85981
    Continue down the road: 135426,87127
    Get to the center of new harlm studios: 135462,87998
    Get to the docks: 135844,88390
    Cross the waters: 136034,89384
    Reach the coast of zomhatten: 136490, 90339
    Follow the coast: 136587,92028
    Keep going: 136773,92709
    Head to BAMF HQ: 136449,93062
    Speak to Drill SGT breakers: 136189,93056

    This gives you the zombie mission. After finishing each kill count mission make sure you read the text as it tells you the next NPC to talk to, to recieve the next kill count. Otherwise you just have to run around clicking on them all.

    Nearest TP: Tangerine:
    Antonia hatchet North of Tangerine TP : 134396, 83735

    Prison mission chain
    Nearest TP : Hyperplex : 135287,88159
    Get lockpick out of dumpster: 135427,88116 - You dont get a interactive symbol on cursor for the dumpster. Just click on it.
    Head to tangerine TP : 134411, 83613
    Head to building amongst shops: 134340,83450
    Find the safe up stairs. Put any combination in. It does not matter anymore. Kill the cops and then it well send you to prison. Head to the entrance and they will get you started on the massive prison chain.

    Still looking for lemmy dragon mission broker if anyone knows where it is

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        Lemmy Dragons found: [134232, 86020, 195]

        There are four 'riddles' you must answer to get the mission. Get it wrong and it will kill you instantly.

        Note: Gaina Messi91 Cristi provided the location. I merely added the info to the forum.
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