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  • Observations on LOOT 2.0

    LOOT 2.0 has caused a lot of issues for me, I seem to never global any more. So I started changing things around to see what it would take to change this. Here is what I noted:

    You need to down armor. You need to take damage and use a fap (mindforce heal does not seem to count). All of a sudden items start appearing and I get globals again.

    I was using Jarhead and 5b plates, now I use adjusted Harrier sometimes without plates sometimes with smaller Limited plates or 4c. I take lots of damage.

    I had a Neverdie 10 drop and started using it in conjunction to my modified 2600 and got even bigger globals.

    If I just used the adjusted restoration chip it was back to shrapnel and oil residue.

    So as your testing your gear for the mobs your hunting, if your getting nothing but shrapnel and oil residue, adjust armor for more damage and use a smaller gun to give the mob more time to damage you.

    With Loot 2.0 you have to make adjustments to your equipment for how you hunt.

    As Dix reminded me, my loot also seems to drop if I use a finisher weapon. It would appear the economy of the finisher is what is used to record the kill. For now I do not use a finisher anymore.

    This seems to be working for me but I could be completely wrong. Please post some comments and let me know.
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    I've been taming lately, and kinda wonder how taming works in the grand scheme of loot 2.0 since every tamed mob is theoretically a no overkill mob? (I suspect Mindark just adjusted for this by making the loot tables for tameable mobs crappy, but not 100% certain on that)