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Company Mission "The Cure" New Item Reward

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  • Company Mission "The Cure" New Item Reward

    I just finished Company Mission "The Cure" This requires killing 50 k points of Intellgent Zombies. Prospects are 1 point, Enforcers are 2, Decomposings are 3, Nomads are 4, and Outlaws are 5. After finishing I got a new item as reward, "Company Issued Zombie Vaccine" which gives access to infected and contaminated areas. ( Such as Biodome I assume) . I went to the Rogue Trader in the Chelsea Penthouse and exchanged it for a Mindkey, which I gather starts waves of Virus Kongs in Hell. Unfortunately , the Zombie Vaccine is tradeable while the Mindkey is not. But I know there are others at various stages of this mission so I wanted to pass on the info.