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ROCKtropia Missions and their rewards!

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  • ROCKtropia Missions and their rewards!

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    ROCKtropia Missions and their rewards!

    I plan to make a list of all the missions and their rewards, there will be some info about how to finish them but not the complete guide.
    If you need help with a specific mission please make a thread about it, it is not stated in this list exactly in what order one have to do the missions.
    If you know any other missions, obviously there are more then what I list here, then please reply with the name and the reward.

    Some missions are activated by visiting certain locations on ROCKtropia, for some of these you need a mobile phone which you can receive by completeing a mission. If for some reason your mobile phone stops to work (missions can't be activated) then you can visit Mobile Mike and he'll help you out. (136353, 84752)

    If you still have issues follow these steps to get your phone to work:
    You can only carry one mobile phone in your carried inventory!
    If you do not follow this rule then your phone will eventually break and not work properly!
    When you have sorted this out and only keep one phone on you then go and visit mobile mike in City of Dreams!
    Mobile mike will give you a mission to kill 200 mobs to repair your phone!
    When you are done he will tell you that it is working, it is not!
    At this moment mike wont talk to you.
    Re-log (possibly, I went back to mike the day after), once you're in the game again go visit mike and he will ask you if your phone is broken and of course it is!
    This time he will fix it for free, no need to kill mobs!
    After you are done with this your phone is once again working!!
    Now go to the location of your desired mission, in my case Oily Bones!
    If you get a mission by phone/radio please record the location and report here if its wrong!

    * location based phone missions can have a timer so if you don't get it the first time you visited the correct location and have done the previous missions in the chain, go back at another time and you'll hopefully get it.
    * also some of these missions can't be active at the same time even though you meet the requirements to trigger them, for example "Caseys Favor I - Oily Bones" & "Tony - Mai Thai Madness" can't be active at the same time.

    Recurring missions can have different rewards and also different requirements depending on how many times you've done them.

    49 missions in total

    A Tank With No Gas - no reward

    Kill 5 players - Talk to Sgt.Bill - New Harlem (135354, 88208)

    Antonios Bootleg Busk - no reward

    Talk to Antonio Hatchet - Requires a Mobile Phone - Kasha Corner (135322, 88139)
    This is the first step to become an inmate at NWOMSP - More info about the prison here


    Talk to Bulldog - Club Entrance, (136183, 84922)

    Bones - Public Disturbance - 200 ROCKtropia Records

    Kill 30 Cops - Requires Bones Number - Acquired on the hill near the construction site at City of Dreams - (136518, 84294, 403)

    Bones - Trail Of Blood
    - Bravado

    Explore and Kill 10 Werewolfs - Requires that Bones and Caseys missions are completed - Acquired at the end of the west bridge of Tangerine

    Boot Camp 1 - Trail By Fire - Weapons Handling - (1 Agility)

    Kill 50 Zombies - Talk to Drill Sgt.Breakerz - (136188, 93055)

    Boot Camp 2 - Bring The Pain - Alertness - (1 Stamina)

    Kill 100 Zombies - Talk to Cpt.Gruber - (136201, 93143)

    Boot Camp 3 - BioDome Defence - 0.2 PED TT Dexterity - (1 Strength)

    Kill 500 Zombies - Talk to Staff Sgt.Ortez - (136061, 93112)

    Boot Camp 4 - Hell Week - Evade - (2 ped TT Athletics)

    Kill 5000 Zombies - Talk to Senior Drill Ins. Rufio - (136076, 93024)

    Boot Camp 5 - Graduation - 1 Agility, Tactical phone-radio - (1 Strength instead of 1 Agility)

    Kill 10 000 Zombies - Talk to cmd.Striker - (136325, 93101)

    Casey - Thx - no reward

    Received by sms after you finished another mission

    Caseys Cassette - Caseys Number - (also Perception)

    Show a Green Cassette to Casey - Talk to Casey - Dance Floor, floor 1, (136140, 85012, 302)

    Caseys Favor I - Oily Bones - Bones Number - (also Surveying)

    Mine 600 Oil in one claim - Requires Caseys Number - Received by phone at the club in City of Dreams - (136130, 84990)

    Casey's weekly event - CND back patio event - 50 ROCKtropia Records (recurring?)

    Mine 400 Hurricane Cocktail Mixes in one claim - Activated by Cell Phone past City of Dreams Construction site - (136777, 84289, 398)

    Caseys Weekly Event - New VU Blues - Miner Skill

    Mine 50 Blues Rocks in one claim - Activated by Cell Phone - (134949, 84587)

    Cavendish Safe Heist - no reward

    Crack the safe at the Cavendish Dance Studio - Requires a Lockpick Kit - (134343, 83444)
    This is the last step before you leave for the prison island to become an inmate - More info about the prison here

    Club Help - no reward

    Kill 10 Forum Trolls - Offend anyone at Dance Floor, floor 1 at City of Dreams until you are killed

    Club NEVERDIE Cave VIP Warning - no reward

    Go past the CND Security guard - (136284, 92965)

    Community Service - Blueprint War Bond (L) with 5 tries

    Kill 100 Zombies (note only Decomposing Zombies count) - Talk to Petty Crimes Officer - (136186, 93180, 102)

    DJ Global - Ace of Spades Search - 100 ROCKtropia Gold Coins - The 4th time you'll get Handgun skill

    Loot a Ace Of Spades Album - Activated by Cell Phone at City of Dreams - (136315, 84706)

    DJ Global - Motorhead Bomber Search - 100 ROCKtropia Gold Coins

    Loot a Bomber Album - Acquired around Mobile Mikes booth at CoD

    DJ Global - Shakedown - 20 ROCKtropia Records - (1 Stamina)

    Kill 30 SoulShaker - Activated by Cell Phone in City of Dreams - (136059, 84797)

    Down To The Bone - Blueprint(L) Creative Juice with 2 tries

    Talk to Bones - 3rd floor, (136159, 85016, 359)

    Frankies Construction Co. - 2 Silver Party Flasks

    Kill 30 Mulholland Boys - Activated by Cell Phone at City of Dreams Construction site - (136277, 84369)

    Frankies Empire I - 80 Blank CD - (unknown)

    Kill 100 Harlem Hustlers - Requires Frankies Number - Activated by Cell Phone in New Harlem - (135545, 87916)

    Frankies Fight Night I - SkullROCKer Baseball Bat (L) 1ped TT

    Requires "Meet Frankie"

    Frankies Fight Night II - Frankies Number

    Kill 2 SoulShakers - Received by phone in City of Dreams - (136061, 84797)

    Frankies Stereo - 20 Gray Cassettes

    Kill 60 Stereo Jackers - Activated by Cell Phone on the road south of Studio South Gate teleporter - (135776, 83333)

    Georgie..... Georgie..... - no reward

    Talk to Georgie Boy - New Harlem (135322, 88100)

    Hey DJ! - ROCKtropia Mobile Phone

    Requires "Treys City of Dreams Tour" - Talk to DJ Global - level 4, (136141, 85003, 374)

    Hurricane Chris - Tonys Number

    Mine 10 Hurricane Mixes - Talk to Chris - 3rd floor, (136122, 85000, 359)

    Ivan The Trainer - Handgun skill ~0.03PED TT (possible to pick other skill reward at start of mission)

    Kill 200 Thiefs (Thief/Thug/???) - Requires "Georgie..... Georgie....." - Talk to Ivan - New Harlem (135753, 88072)

    LockPick Kit - Lockpick Kit

    Find the dumpster behind the Pop Shop in New Harlem - Requires "Antonios Bootleg Busk" - (135428, 88117)

    Meet Frankie - no reward

    Talk to Frankie Headstone - Back patio, (136143, 85048, 360)

    Mobile Mikes - (ROCKtropia Mobile Phone)

    Kill 200 creatures - You can get this mission if your phone is broken - Talk to Mobile Mike - (136353, 84752)


    Visit No Way Out Maximum Security Prison

    Police Academy I - Troll Removal Service - Aim 0.02 PED TT - (Alertness)

    Requires "The Road To War" - Kill 50 Forum Trolls - Talk to Lt.Funk - (136248, 84761)

    Police Academy II - Soulshaker Invasion - Combat Reflexes - (1 Agility)

    Kill 100 Soulshakers

    Police Academy III - The Graduation Years - ROCKtropia Police Radio, Badge - (also 1 Reputation, Alertness)

    Kill 300 Soulshakers

    ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-57 - 1000 ROCKtropia Gold Coins - (100 ROCKtropia Records)

    Kill 40 Mulholland Boys - Activated by police call at Mulholland Way teleporter - (136818, 83513)
    Caution! Killing cops during this mission will end it!

    ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-66 - 2 Creative Juice - (1 Agility)

    Kill 60 Stereo Jackers - Activated by police call - (135570, 83905)
    Caution! Killing cops during this mission will end it!

    ROCKtropia Police Call: 10-88 - 4000 ROCKtropia Gold Coins - (Combat Reflexes)

    Kill 60 Harlem Husters - Activated by police call - (135855, 87906)
    Caution! Killing cops during this mission will end it!

    ROCKtropia Police Call: 11-25 - 20 ROCKtropia Gold Coins

    Kill 20 Soulshakers - Activated by police call at City of Dreams near Mobile Mikes shop - (136398, 84770)
    Caution! Killing cops during this mission will end it!

    The Road To War - no reward - (1 Agility)

    Requires a ROCKtropia Mobile Phone - Talk to Lt.Funk - (136248, 84761)

    Tip - Trade Terminal - no reward

    Use a Repair Terminal in City of Dreams - (136090, 84779)

    Tip - Trade Terminal - no reward

    Use a Trade Terminal in City of Dreams - (136057, 84780)

    To The Club... - no reward

    Visit City of Dreams

    Tony - Mai Thai Madness - 10 ROCKtropia Record - (Surveying)

    Mine 60 Mai Thai Cocktail Mixes - Requires Tonys Number - Acquired by phone in Tangerine - (134436, 83534)

    Treys City of Dreams Tour - 1 ROCKtropia Record - (1 Reputation)

    A quick tour around City of Dreams with way points - Talk to Trey - 3rd floor, (136127, 84987, 359)

    Welcome To The London Backlot - no reward

    Visit Studio Gate South and walk through the gate - (135553, 83828)

    Rewards in red are unconfirmed, or unknown.
    Rewards in lime are confirmed.
    Rewards in purple are recurring rewards.
    Rewards in grey are old rewards the mission has rewarded in the past. ~ ~


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      wow very nice Amber +Rep sticky in order for this me thinks
      John Connor - RT's own terminator

      ... I do not work for NEVERDIE or NEVERDIE studios I am just helping on the forum so I can not help with PM's related to content. If you have a question about RT I will help but as for Bugs etc please post on the forum or send a support request .


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        Nice one Amber!
        All your loots R belong to Lootius. Praise and glory be unto Lootius, creator, and dictator of all loot. For they who do not believe in the power of Lootius, their curse shall be many no loots. But they who believe, their loot windows shall be filled with many treasures.


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          Yesterday I had another mission, called Frankies Empire it required to kill 100 Harlem Hustlers I think, I killed a few and went to bed. Now the mission is gone and I can't reactivate the mission. I got it by sms in new harlem. It seems the phone has been deactivated for now, I can't get any other location dependent text messages to appear and activate missions.
 ~ ~


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            I'm not sure if I'm a huge fan of giving away all of the quest info only after a week of the new content being released. For me, part of the fun of the quests is running around and trying to figure them out by myself. I mean, it's one thing to get stuck, and than ask somebody in game..... But to just give away an entire walkthru kind of spoils the fun. Is there anyway we can get a spoiler alert in the title of this thread?

            I'm not saying that you didn't do a good job or anything like that Amber... Just more concerned that there are people out there like me who like to take their time with the quests and try to figure things out on their own.... It's like buying a nintendo game and hooking it up to a game genie without even trying :P


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              Some others in this thread FYI: ROCKtropia Missions


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                Disregard my post...... i just realized that I asked for a spoiler alert... when it's pretty much implied in the title....... And..... the fact that it's in the tutorial section... Even though it's more of a walk-thru, which i guess would fall under the same category...

                I still think posting all this info deters people from utilizing the social aspects of the game, but that's just my opinion.


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                  In my opening post I wrote about that, also the first edition had no indicators of how to get the missions...
                  Though I got some responses that just listing the name and reward didn't help out much.
                  What info here do you believe spoils the fun? I mean its not like a complete walk through.
                  Could change the info on for example the London Backlot to "exploring mission".
                  Anyway think I'll keep it like this for a while, as I don't think it spoils to much.
         ~ ~


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                    Yeah, your probably right. I probably shouldn't have said anything. Just thought it was too soon.

                    Seriously though? People thought the first one wasn't enough info? It's really not that hard, all they have to do is look around, and maybe ask somebody if they get stuck.... I understand though, there are those that just want to blow through them without having to do much thinking of their own. To each their own i guess.

                    I just felt like the NDS team worked really hard to get these missions for us finally......and i dunno... how to explain.

                    It's like, if you woke up easter morning and your parents hid all these eggs. But your little bro woke up early and found them all and pointed them out to you before you had a chance to look :P


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                      Haha yea I get what you mean...
             ~ ~


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                        I thin the way you posted them amber where there isn't really an order to them doesn't give away to the story. Just gives you motivation when you activate a mission to actually completly it because you know what the reward is. Like seriously i would have done "Road to War" ASAP if i knew i'd get agility for it being that it was super easy.

                        As for the exploiters, just take away the extra points gained by exploiting. With the resecent Scanner drops that people considered exploits and MA themselves saying it wasn't it's really hard to tell what an exploit is. I dont have all the details myself about how it worked but it kinda sounded like it may not have been a real bug when you where doing it.
                        Rock the Rocktropia :dj:


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                          Like to report the Boot Camp 4 Mission gets you 2 ped TT worth of athletics skills. Do it said i need to do 5k it said done at 1k ... bug I dont know any more. Boot camp 5 is 10k zombies

                          P.S Please Add the mission to so everybody can see the missions. I done so with the Boot Camp mission chain. This will increase Rocktropia awarness on General Entropia Universe websites


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                            Thanks for the info! Yea I plan to add more info to the wiki when I get time, though its much more time consuming then editing this thread
                   ~ ~


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                              Originally posted by Amber Knightley View Post
                              Thanks for the info! Yea I plan to add more info to the wiki when I get time, though its much more time consuming then editing this thread
                              I was going to start doing it but you can't change planet info on it i think they need to fix that first.

                              I really wonder what the signs all say about once you get threw boot camp you can get land? like is this the first person to do it or what?

                              Keep letting us know how these zombie fest quest are going.
                              Rock the Rocktropia :dj: