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  • trading posters!

    I have 3 of the POVR posters up in my apartment @ The U - Apartment 1-H. All 3 are the same variant of the poster. I know other variants are out there since I've seen a few in the auction. Want to trade 2 of my dupes for something a bit more unique - so if you have one of the other poster types find me in game or in forum and lets make a deal! Willing to trade one of my dupes for one of yours that isn't a dupe of what I got.

    If you haven't traded in your povr box for an item yet, I might also be willing to buy your box off of you... but we'll have to talk about the price... possibly willing to trade one of the dupe posters for a box so I can give it another whirl and see if I don't get another dupe.

    May possibly be willing to pay outright for em too if I have enough peds... also thinking about buying the other povr stuff too but not sure I want to pay the buyouts I see on auction at the moment.

    Come on up to the apartment and take a look around if you want.

    p.s. here's some I don't have that I'm looking for:

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    got one of the 3 above (the top one)... so now have 3 of the same poster and 1 different... still looking to trade off the dupes if anyone is interested.
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      got another one... so just missing the get ready to live forever one... and any of the other povr crap like the flask , etc.


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        got another dupe and a flag!


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          Got them all and the flask now... swing by apt at the u 1st floor to see the collection