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Career Advice For Married Women

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  • Career Advice For Married Women

    Career Advice For Married Women
    There are things that need to be considered, if the wife wants to work, including:
    1. The job does not interfere in the affairs of its core responsibilities in the home, because taking care of the house is the obligatory work, being outside of work is not an obligation for him, and something that must not be defeated by something that is not mandatory.
    2. It must be with the permission of her husband, since the wife shall obey her husband.
    3. Applying Islamic adab-adab, such as: Keeping in view, wear hijab syar'i, do not wear fragrance, do not soften his voice to men who are not mahram, etc.
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    4. The work in accordance with tabi'at women, such as teaching, doctors, midwives, nurses, author of articles, books, etc.
    5. There is no gender mixing in the work environment. Let him seek work environment for women, for example: School ladies, sorority, female courses, etc.
    6. Let the first find a job that can be done in the house. If no, then find a job outside the home that is specially among women. If no, then he should not be looking for work outside the home are mixed between men and women, unless the situation is an emergency or urgent situation once, for example, a husband unable to meet his family life, or her husband's illness, etc.
    you try to answer the questions with honesty:
    What husband allow you to work? What is your job does not interfere with your main tasks in the home? What no work can be done in the home? If your work environment is now the situation is ikhtilat (mixed between men and women), what no other work environment is not ikhtilat? If no, what you are in an emergency situation, so if you do not work, you will be threatened his life or at least your life will feel heavy when you're not working? If so, did you apply Islamic adab-adab when you leave the house? Hopefully with our description above, you can answer your own question.
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